Winter Preparedness (Part 2)

Before you were stranded on the side of the road, you brought your vehicle by a local shop to have the check engine light diagnosed. Credit to D Sharon Pruitt

Turns out that you had just left your gas cap off during your last Costco run, but they fixed you up, and got you home in time for dinner.  What you couldn’t believe is the laundry list of other items they “suggested” you have done to your vehicle:  A battery terminal service? 

Shockingly, these recommendations do have a purpose.  During the winter months, small problems are amplified, and large problems can quickly get out of hand. 

Any perceived engine problems, or issues that you, the driver can feel, need to be addressed as soon as possible.  This is true at any time of the year, but especially so heading into the winter months.  At the very least, what could’ve been a simple repair before winter may be much more expensive after exposure to suboptimal temperatures, or even time.

Other frequently missed services are the factory recommended services!  These mostly involve system flushes, including transmission, and coolant. The most important being the coolant come winter time. Keeping up with these flushes can prevent untimely or accelerated engine wear.

A common, but easily checked issue is the battery.  Unfortunately, it can only be checked by a trained professional with specialized equipment.  If the battery is found weak, in most cases it’s easily replaced by a trained technician.   This isn’t to say that it can’t be replaced at home.  On the contrary, for older vehicles it’s fairly simple with proper precautions.  On newer vehicles however, removing the battery can cause codes to be thrown, or data to be lost due to the integral nature of the computer system. Terminal corrosion is also easily corrected, especially since most shops offer the cleaning as a low cost service!

Try not to neglect these services.  If you have any questions about what’s being done to your vehicle at G&C, just say “Show me.”, and one of our trained technicians will show you exactly what’s being done to your car, until you are completely satisfied. 

Set up an appointment today, or in the future, with one of our certified technicians, and we’ll be sure that you’re ready for winter!

- G&C Tire & Auto Service



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