Winter Preparedness (Part 1)

You’re stranded on the side of the road.  It’s the dead of winter, and the snow is piling heavy outside your window.  

Also, smoke? 

At G&C Tire & Auto, your safety and peace of mind comes first, so we’d like to share with you these tips to get you ready for winter!

Hearkening back to our post on predictive maintenance: routine, timely maintenance is the first key to safe travels during wintertime.  One of the most forgotten of these services is the oil change.  Generally an oil change is recommended every 3000 – 5000 miles.  With full synthetic oil, 5000+ miles can easily be attained.  With a synthetic blend (regular oil) 3000 miles is generally the safest bet.

 Tires are another oft forgotten, or ignored, part of the maintenance routine.  In the winter, they take on a whole new importance.  As your tires wear, they provide less and less grip in an everyday driving environment.  In the winter, a lack of grip can quickly prove deadly on snow or ice.  So at the very least, be sure that your tires are above 5/32 for tread depth.  Any auto shop worth their salt can accurately report this to you. 

Here in Virginia, you might hear about those that purchase winter tires for their vehicles.  Most often these are performance cars, or trucks doing heavy work.  For the average driver, your current, all season tires will do the job, the rest is up to you to drive safely! 

To wrap up today’s winter tips, be sure to check your wiper blades for tears, squeaking, streaking, or scraping.  Ice and snow degrade wiper blades far more quickly than regular use!

We hope these tips help you gear up for winter, and we’ll be back soon with more!

-  G&C Tire & Auto


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