The Preventive Lifestyle

It’s hot, you’re wet, and it’s the middle of winter.  What happened?

You woke up in the morning, headed downstairs, and went to get your coffee.  Unfortunately, in your usual early morning haze the day before, you didn’t realize that you were out of coffee after your third cup.  Now, today, you have no coffee and are stuck in a coffee deprived stupor.  So, you decide to visit your favorite coffee shack, but the line is long, and they accidentally give you decaf.  Now you’re tired, late for work, all the while drinking decaf coffee. 

As you finally reach your office, light blinks on the dash of your car, what is it?  These hieroglyphs don’t make any sense, you think.  And then it dawns on you: “When is the last time I had my oil changed?” 

Like your coffee, you’d forgotten.

Now you’re tired, late for work, have decaf coffee, and need an oil change. 

Days like these always tend to spiral out of control, but G&C can help set you on the right path, so that maybe, just maybe you’ll remember to buy coffee… or get an oil change.

Start by making a schedule.  We forget things that we don’t deal with on a regular basis.  Cars and Coffee are no exception.  Measure how long it takes for you to run out of coffee.  A week, a month?  Set that average as your “buy coffee” time.  That way, even if you haven’t run out by that time, you won’t in the near future either.

The same goes for preventive maintenance.  Oil changes are the most common form of preventive maintenance, and some of the easiest to push back.  Though the effects aren’t as apparent as forgetting your coffee, they can be almost as devastating. 

Brake pads, rotors, wipers, and a number of other services can be performed at regular intervals, or even just checked if you’re not certain, to keep your vehicle in good shape!

We do not offer decaf oil.

Check out our available services above!  See you soon!


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