My battery is dead and I needed a jump start. I need a new battery.

Looking for a battery? Just ask us.  We have it!  Interstate Batteries - outrageously dependable. Did you know that Intersate battery powers it all.  From key fobs, to car batteries, and even your iPhone. Interstate® offers an incomparable line of automotive battery power for all the vehicles in your life. These long-lasting batteries promise to provide equal or improved power for your vehicle. Whether you’re looking for superior performance in hot or cold weather or dependable power for long hauls, Interstate has the perfect battery for your drive. And with an unbeatable nationwide warranty, we’ve got you covered anywhere the road may lead.  Your battery is like the heart of your vehicle.  It gets the blood or electricity running through your veins or wires.   Having a dying battery, (we’ll talk about this below) especially in cold weather, will leave you stranded.  Temperatures are dropping and winter is coming, so let’s talk about how you know if your battery is dying.