1 Day, 2 Events to Fight Cancer!

On October 9th, G&C Tire and Auto Service is co-hosting with Honor Brewing Co., the PHUMC Danger Close Annual Cornhole Tournament from 11am-5pm. Following the tournament will be Meat Bingo from 6-8pm. Proceeds from both events will go to support Kinsley's cancer battle. If you are interested in one or both events, you can sign up at links below.

Danger Close Annual Cornhole Tournament
(14008 & 14004A Willard Road, Chantilly, VA)
Registration $50 per team of two individuals. Must pay for entire team but can provide names upon arrival. Registrants must download Scoreholio App prior to the event date. The tournament will be run through this app so download and sign up is important! Raffle sponsored by Minuteman Arms, LLC.

Meat Bingo
(14008 Willard Road, Chantilly, VA)
What is Meat Bingo? It’s like regular bingo but played with playing cards. The winner yells “Road Kill!” and wins a cut of meat. $10 buy-in. Over 40 chances to win. Don't worry. Rules will be explained at the event.

If you unable to join us for these events, please consider helping Kinsley's cancer battle by donating at https://www.gofundme.com/f/KinsleyMcCormack.

Kinsley's mom Brittney McCormack, shares their story:

In March 2017 our family; husband Jason, Haylie 9, Kinsley 5, Camden 3 months old, and myself had a forever life changing experience. Kinsley started to complain about leg and lower back pain. In June of 2017, Kinsley was admitted to the hospital and was given an MRI that confirmed Kinsley had a Tumor in her spinal cord between L3 and L4 vertebrae. Surgery was immediately performed to remove the tumor, which at the time was considered not to be cancerous. Kinsley was discharged from the hospital one week after the surgery. Follow up plan was Physical Therapy and MRI's every 6 months to monitor the area.

After a difficult year in July of 2018 an MRI showed another tumor in Kinsley's spine in the same area. A second surgery was performed on Kinsley’s spine to remove the second tumor. Prognosis from doctors was the possibility of a microscopic cell left behind from the original tumor which caused re-growth. Again, follow up plan was Physical Therapy and MRI's every 6 months to monitor the area.

In March of 2019, Kinsley was admitted to the hospital again, and it was confirmed that Kinsley had two more tumors in the same area of her lower spine. Our Neurosurgeon told us about a cancer call Myxopapillary Ependymoma that lives in the Central Nervous System and because of this possibility, they wanted to give Kinsley a full Brain and Spine MRI before any more surgery. 

In May of 2019, Kinsley had a brain MRI, we were told that a Brain tumor, although very small, was found and was inoperable due to the area. At that time, we decided move towards treatment. Kinsley began treatment with three rounds of Cyberknife Radiation specifically to brain tumor, followed by 7 weeks of Proton Beam Radiation to both the brain and spinal tumors.Kinsley finished Radiation treatment on July 18th, 2019.

The most recent MRI that was completed on July 13th, 2021, shows a possible second brain tumor or scar tissue, The Oncologists are not too concerned at this time, but we were told the possibility of the need for a biopsy if this continues to grow. We will have our next MRI on October 11th, 2021, just after the PHUMC Danger Close Corn Hole Tournament.

Kinsley had a routine MRI in early September. Her spine images were stable and unchanged – however, the brain MRI showed that Kinsley has three additional tumors. Thankfully they are all small and slow-growing, but still cause for concern and not the news we had all hoped for. The best treatment choice would be surgery and radiation but because there are multiple tumors in different locations, it does not make sense to operate and radiation is off the table because her last round was less than 2 years ago. Brittney and Jason have decided that the best course of action is to proceed with oral chemotherapy until Kinsley is eligible for another round of radiation.


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