Harvey Hits Home

Sometimes, events take place that can’t be ignored.  We give our ten dollars, send our prayers, and go on with our daily lives.

If only this time were so easy for me. 

I recently spent week near Houston, and not out of choice, but necessity.  Betty, a 78-year-old widower, and my Grandmother, recently lost her home. 

Situated up the bank of the Colorado River, it was a prime target for Harvey. Heavy rains swelled the river, with flood waters that reached near record levels that Monday, and only continued to climb until the next day. 

Unfortunately, waters rose more quickly than she could cope with, and was trapped within a matter of hours with her two rescue dogs, Jack and Sadie. 

With the water already at the top of the stairs, decisive action had to be taken to ensure her safety.  Of the five rescues that occurred in the countryside of her town, hers involved an airboat, and clearing a four foot cattle fence by at least another foot. 

My deepest thanks go out to the brave individuals that came to her rescue, each contributing in ways that without even one of them, would have spelled even greater disaster. 

Betty is safe, and currently staying with family friends.  That being said, we need your help.

We are currently waiting for a FEMA assessment and long term solutions, but short term we need help offsetting the cost of food, eventually finding different shelter (we can't stay with our friends forever), and supplies for recovering household items (masks, bins, gloves, etc).

Please consider making a donation to Help Betty Restart.

ALL donations will go to Betty Johnson and our efforts to help her start over. Any donation is wonderful and we deeply appreciate it.

- Andrew 



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