G&C COVID-19 - Essential Business

What is an essential business? This term has been used over the past few weeks as we receive COVID-19 updates from our state and federal governments. Essential businesses are businesses that our society needs in order to continue on with our lives in critical areas. Some examples include grocery stores, healthcare facilities, banks, gas stations, and automotive repair facilities.  G&C falls into the essential business category as we are an automotive repair facility. We are needed by the community to make sure that everyone working in other essential businesses has a safe vehicle in which to get to work. At G&C we are sanitizing everything that is considered a high traffic area, every hour. We are using plastic gloves, steering wheel covers, and Lysol wipes for anything touched in your vehicle. Running ozone machines at night is something else we are doing to disinfect the air in our facilities. These are just a few of the precautions that G&C is taking in order to keep your vehicle sanitized when we work on it and our work areas virus free. G&C is also supporting other essential businesses by buying local and making sure our first responders and healthcare professionals are well taken care of and fed. If you have any questions regarding what we are doing to support our community, give us a call.