COVID19 Vehicle Symptoms

Seriously! We are doing a lot to keep us safe during the COVID19 Pandemic. We also want "us" to smile when we can. We are in this together!
COVID-19 Vehicle Symptoms
Reduced fuel economy
Slow to start in the morning
Loss of preprogrammed radio stations
Check engine light on
Shaking at highway speeds
Help coping with Automotive COVID-19?
Right now, it’s especially important to care for the whole you; mind, body, spirit, and your vehicle. Visit the G&C automotive emotional wellness center for auto-care tips, service, and guided automotive meditations with Christina Caldwell.
We’re working around the clock to help make sure our facilities and staff are ready to provide high-quality automotive care. We’ve been carefully managing our resources for weeks to ensure we have adequate access to personal protective equipment and parts needed for the screening and treatment of vehicles with potential and confirmed Automotive COVID-19 needed repairs.
As we service more and more vehicles, our supply needs increase, so we’ve been working tirelessly to acquire additional supplies through traditional as well as innovative channels. We currently have a direct source for the best automotive battery in the industry Interstate Battery. We have a hot shot delivery program from Intestate Battery Of Northern Virginia. A potential nationwide shortage of batteries, will not impact our outrageously dependable source of Interstate batteries.