• 2017 Turkey & Food Drive at G&C Tire and Auto Service

    Posted on 11, November, 2017

    Many families in our area do not know where their next meal is coming from.  This year in an effort to help these families, G&C Tire and Auto Service is sponsoring a Turkey and Food Drive.  For every turkey you donate / sponsor - G&C will match with the donation of another turkey.  All turkeys and food will be delivered to Western Fairfax Christian Ministries in time for Thanksgiving.   It is really easy - let your service advisor know you want to spo... read more

  • Jeep Wrangler - What Tires Do You Need?

    Posted on 20, October, 2017

    Jeep Wrangler - What Tires Do You Need? There's no doubt about it; off-road driving is an absolute necessity for any outdoor enthusiast. You can't get into those secret fishing holes or that prime hunting spot without knowing which trails lead you there. If you've just purchased a Jeep and your head is full of off-road dreams, you're also probably wondering if the tires on your Jeep are the best ones for your plans.  Give us a call at G&C Tire and Auto Service.  Cha... read more

  • 7 Tips To Help You Get Prepared For Winter

    Posted on 17, October, 2017

    As the first frost appears on windshields, Northern Virginia residents should begin their preparations for the cold winter months, including their cars. A properly prepared vehicle can increase the chances of safe driving during winter months. Here are some tips provided by Chris Clos and Gregg Caldwell said. Gregg Caldwell, owner of G&C Tire and Auto Service with two locations in Northern Virginia adds some insight on these tips to prepare your car for winter. 1. Conducting the &ld... read more

  • Great Pumpkin Weight Contest

    Posted on 12, October, 2017

    ​Woah. It’s a really big pumpkin. Have you ever seen a pumpkin this big? I have not. I can’t even pick it up. So after someone was able to move it, we decided to hold a contest! Our first Great Pumpkin Weight Contest! It’s as absolutely crazy as it sounds. Without touching the pumpkin, it’s up to YOU to guess the weight! With both G&C locations participating, don’t fret if you’re a little far from our Chantilly store! Come on by and mak... read more

  • Winter Preparedness (Part 2)

    Posted on 04, October, 2017

    Before you were stranded on the side of the road, you brought your vehicle by a local shop to have the check engine light diagnosed.  Turns out that you had just left your gas cap off during your last Costco run, but they fixed you up, and got you home in time for dinner.  What you couldn’t believe is the laundry list of other items they “suggested” you have done to your vehicle:  A battery terminal service?  Shockingly, these recommendati... read more