• Great Pumpkin Weight Contest

    Posted on 12, October, 2017

    ​Woah. It’s a really big pumpkin. Have you ever seen a pumpkin this big? I have not. I can’t even pick it up. So after someone was able to move it, we decided to hold a contest! Our first Great Pumpkin Weight Contest! It’s as absolutely crazy as it sounds. Without touching the pumpkin, it’s up to YOU to guess the weight! With both G&C locations participating, don’t fret if you’re a little far from our Chantilly store! Come on by and mak... read more

  • Winter Preparedness (Part 2)

    Posted on 04, October, 2017

    Before you were stranded on the side of the road, you brought your vehicle by a local shop to have the check engine light diagnosed.  Turns out that you had just left your gas cap off during your last Costco run, but they fixed you up, and got you home in time for dinner.  What you couldn’t believe is the laundry list of other items they “suggested” you have done to your vehicle:  A battery terminal service?  Shockingly, these recommendati... read more

  • Winter Preparedness (Part 1)

    Posted on 28, September, 2017

    You’re stranded on the side of the road.  It’s the dead of winter, and the snow is piling heavy outside your window.   Also, smoke?  At G&C Tire & Auto, your safety and peace of mind comes first, so we’d like to share with you these tips to get you ready for winter! Hearkening back to our post on predictive maintenance: routine, timely maintenance is the first key to safe travels during wintertime.  One of the most forgotten of th... read more

  • Harvey Hits Home

    Posted on 06, September, 2017

    Sometimes, events take place that can’t be ignored.  We give our ten dollars, send our prayers, and go on with our daily lives. If only this time were so easy for me.  I recently spent week near Houston, and not out of choice, but necessity.  Betty, a 78-year-old widower, and my Grandmother, recently lost her home.  Situated up the bank of the Colorado R... read more

  • The Preventive Lifestyle

    Posted on 14, August, 2017

    It’s hot, you’re wet, and it’s the middle of winter.  What happened? You woke up in the morning, headed downstairs, and went to get your coffee.  Unfortunately, in your usual early morning haze the day before, you didn’t realize that you were out of coffee after your third cup.  Now, today, you have no coffee and are stuck in a coffee deprived stupor.  So, you decide to visit your favorite coffee shack, but the line is long, and they accidentally give... read more